Vent  Media is an award winning digital  media production company  specialising in both content creation and the integration of digital media into live performance or installation.


We play both an artistic  and technical  role in the design and realisation of film, theatre, opera, music, ballet and fine art projects. The company is the result of a life's work pushing visual art to its imaginable limits, and in the process developing industry leading expertise in the newest technologies.


Vent has great experience and finely developed practice within motion graphics, film production and the visual arts.


The artist and digital projection specialist Barret Hodgson is the company's founder. Barret's work has evolved to become integral to new forms of narrative appearing in the tradition arts, with exciting new possibilities for public events and in all art forms.
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About Vent

He continues to develop pioneering live digital mapped experiences, with shows touring internationally as Vent has a growing list of major clients for public events. At the heart of his working philosophy is a commitment to collaboration and he will work closely with any kind of creative team to realise immersive experiences that are earning rave reviews internationally and at home.