The Hired Man

'The Hired Man, the 1984 love-child of Howard Goodall and Melvyn Bragg, is based on the latter’s 1969 novel, a semi-biographical account of his grandfather Harry Bragg’s life – one of millions of men caught between the poverty-stricken countryside they loved and the coal mines of Cumbria.

We found ourselves immersed in a world rich in natural beauty, despite the destitution of its residents. The usually flawless white walls of Cadogan Hall’s auditorium became a canopy of trees, windmills and cottages, thanks to Barret Hodgson’s impeccably-designed projections.

These backdrops not only fitted the space perfectly, they seemed to change with the seasons and suggested, rather than imposed, at the wider context and implications of the actions onstage. For a concert, this was all we needed'

Musical Theatre Review




Cast led by Jenna Russell and John Owen-Jones as John and Emily

Music and lyrics by Howard Goodall

Book and narration by Melvyn Bragg

Directed by Samuel Hopkins

Conducted by  Andrew Linnie

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